The project started on August 1st, 2013 and ended on July. 31st, 2015. The project period was two years.

Initial vocational education for disadvantaged young people creates one of the major challenges to the VET systems of the European countries. Drop out rates far above the European benchmark and average for young people with socio-economic disadvantages are alarming and require innovative instruments to tackle the problem.

European member states have put in place a number of different approaches depending on the backgrounds and structures of the initial VET systems. This creates an enormous potentials for exchange of models and experiences, transfer of good practices and improvement by mutual learning. Dual initial VET systems building on apprenticeship models are facing additional challenges with disadvantaged young learners which also ask for support and innovative solutions.

The YOUVET partnership has created a platform of experienced and deeply involved initial VET providers including companies to exchange experiences with different approaches and models to involve and include disadvantaged young people better in initial VET. On the basis of a systematic analysis of approaches and their evaluation a good practice collection has been elaborated which helps and foster transfer and improvement of systems and offers. Moreover the partnership supported the improvement of competences of involved teachers and trainers and especially focused on the competences of companies required for the initial “VET” training of disadvantaged young people.

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