Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH , Austria

Jugend am Werk is one of the biggest social services organisations in the Province of Styria.

Together with their customers, about 620 employees in 59 locations throughout the Province of Styria work to create life perspectives and to take chances in the areas of care and integration for persons with disabilities, training for young adults, employment, early intervention, and crisis intervention. Custom-fit and innovative services, customer-focussed acting, many years of experience, and best-trained and motivated employees characterise the work of Jugend am Werk.

Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH is a non-profit organisation and certified to the European ISO 9001:2008 standard.


25 establishments in the areas of training, work and employment services

34 establishments in the areas of care, leisure and accommodation services


BBW in der DAA, Germany

The BBW is active since in 1990 as a private educational institution in the North-East of Germany. The core competencies are situated in advanced trainings and retraining as well as in the professional first education and operational qualification courses.

More than 650 successfully accomplished educational projects prove the competence and long-standing professional experience of the enterprise. BBW is called “BBW in der DAA” after the sale in April 2014 and is now a subsidiary company of the Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie.

BBW in der DAA shows special experiences with the qualification of unemployed persons with special personal problems and underprivileged persons.


EGECED – Eğitim ve Gençlik Çalışmaları Enstitüsü Derneği, Turkey

EGECED is a non-profit association founded by the professional from education field (teachers, trainers, academics, branch managers and supervisors, etc).

EGECED is a network of schools in Izmir city. The network has different schools such primary, secondaryand vocational schools. EGECED has a broad reach to local schools in primary and secondary level and also cooperation with universities.

The objectives association are to gather the professionals who work for the education and youth to do activities on education and youth and to introduce modern applications into education system, to contribute to the development of sustainable interaction between the educators and youth both from our country and foreign countries.


CAPADEMY – Kapadokya Eğitim Akademisi Derneği, Turkey

Cappadocia Education Academy Association (CAPPADEMY) has been founded by the educators who are aimed for creating efforts to increase the quality of education with the social and educational activities for all the beneficiaries of the society.

Most of the members are vocational education trainers, managers and teachers working at the vocational education schools and providers. In this case, CAPPADEMY has intensive cooperations with the vocational schools in the region to contribute to increasing the quality of the vocational education and training.

One of the main target group of the educational focus is the vocational students who are speacialy socially and economically limited and disadvantaged. For these students, they provide vocational guidance via cooperation with private sector and governmental authorities.

CAPPADEMY members have also given vocational students and VET trainers and teachers a wide range of seminars related to job-hunting strategies, job interview techniques, vocational carrier and planning.


Team Styria Werkstätten GmbH, Austria

The Team Styria Werkstätten GmbH is a production and service company working in the manufacturing sector in Austria.

Main areas are exhaustion pipe manufacturing, furniture for hotels and parts of for industry, electronics dept., printing, assembling, and much more.

Clients are huge manufacturing companies in Austria, municipalities, service comapnies etc. The organisation has a rate of more than 80% of staff with specific needs (disabled in all ways), producing for the industry in many areas. They have a big training department integrated with a production sites, so their trainees can learn in an industry setting.



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